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We pride ourselves on your property looking the best it can.  You deserve quality lawn and bed maintenance and landscape care for your money, and this is what we provide at Dumont Property Maintenance.

Weekly Mowing Services

Consists of mowing and trimming of lawn with a final blow off on all hard surfaces.


Spring Cleanup

Have Your Yard Prepped for the Warmer Months

Includes branch/debris removal from the winter storms and dethatching.

Weed Control


Includes weeding and edging of all beds prior to weed prevention application and mulching.

A fresh coat of mulch helps your plant and shrub life pop and your lawn look healthy. Mulching also helps prevent weed growth.



Give your plants and shrubs the spring cut they have been waiting all winter for!

Targeted removal of diseased, damaged, dead, non-productive, or otherwise unwanted growth from your shrubs and plants.


Fall Cleanup

We'll do whatever you need to get your yard ready for the winter months.

Removal of all leaves from property before winter sets in. A fall cleanup helps tremendously with lawn health by eliminating the ability for leaves to begin the decomposition process during the winter months. This helps with grass growth in the spring.

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